Image Source: Dubkonscious Facebook Page, 2014,  Image URL

Image Source: Dubkonscious Facebook Page, 2014, Image URL

Bio: Taking roots reggae to new areas of creation through the infusing of many musical styles, Dubkonscious breaks new ground while staying true, always, to the roots of conscious reggae music. With heavy elements of roots, dub, rock, blues, fusion and jazz we seek to educate and inspire our fans as well as ourselves. With all thanks and credit due to the Most High Jah, we bring His music forth to the masses. As we forward on in this meditation we strive to always progress and stay positive and upful. In these tuff times we shall not be led astray by mainstream radio, media, or government. We stand firm as we attempt to wake up the masses to the injustice, mind control and destruction going on around us, while providing positive solutions to these problems through unification and education. We give thanks to anyone and everyone who help us in forwarding on this movement through music. One Love.

Editors Note: Bio taken directly from Dubkonscious. Although the band no longer performs as a whole, members like Mike Love, Blaine Mateo, Sam Gonsalves, and Paula Fuga continue to play music in other bands or solo careers. 

Style: Roots, Dub, Rock, Blues, Fusion, Jazz, Reggae

 Members: Mike Love-Vocals and Keyboards, Blaine Mateo-Bass Guitar, Keola Nakamura-Trombone, Bernie Soriano-Trumpet, Brandon Hutson-Trombone, Kevin Richards-Electric Guitar, Brett Richards-Electric Guitar, Sam Gonsalves-Drums, Koalani Lagareta-Vocals, Paula Fuga-Vocals